When you shop online, have you felt lost in the jungle of open tabs of products!?

Compare and coordinate items from Amazon, Craigslist, Walmart, ColourPop, Sephora, and more all at once.

Just drag or copy product links from a variety of brands and shops, and they are organized into cards with prices and product information.

You can select your best choice or coordinate combinations, either on your own or with remote friends!

A cross-shop tool for selecting and coordinating your wants

Banban Board

Requests to buy without research yourself


The points

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Compare products from a variety of shops. Amazon, Craigslist, Walmart, ColourPop, Sephora...
Simply drag or copy product links from shops to automatically copy product information, saving you time. You can also add notes, pros and cons. The number of supporting shops is increasing.
You can decide based on all your wants and needs!
Compare and rearrange cards and choose what to buy, allowing you to prioritize your shopping list. List view enables easy comparison of notes and product information.
Figure of fining hidden gems
Increase your salary by discovering hidden gems
Chooosing from search results and rankings is easy but widening inequality seriously. Banban board helps you find good and affordable ones with fewer advertisements. Distribute sales opportunities to others, creating a ripple effect that raises your own income.
Banban Board
Total price comparison
Each row displays the total price of the cards. By duplicating a row and modifying the cards, you can compare the total prices of different product combinations, aiding you in balancing cost and benefits. No Excel is needed anymore.
Banban Board
Enjoy with family and friends on video
Shopping can be time-consuming and getting family consensus can be challenging. But on Requestland, you can enjoy shopping together with family and friends through video. Everyone in the organization can contribute by adding and moving cards.
Fashion Coordination and Rotation Planning
Enjoy coordinating clothes from diverse shops and planning rotation with your current wardrobe. Reduce 'bought but not used' clothes to save money and combat globally exported fashion waste, especially to Africa.
Banban Board
Compare in your money
Compare foreign prices, such as Japanese Yen, in your currency. This is great for travel planning and supports today's exchange rate for 170 currencies.
Compare travel schedules and budgets
In travel mode, put ideas for routes, vehicles, and sightseeing spots as you want, and create and compare multiple schedules and budget plans. It's simple yet useful, especially on big trips. Loaded pages can be viewed offline, such as on an airplane. (As beta testing, have a hard copy of tickes and schedules.)
Figure of theme
Enjoy coloring with back-images
Explore seasonal themes such as Christmas, Cherry, Summer Sky, as well as special colors like Genius, Ninja, and more with your favorite back-images. Organization's admin can also set up the theme for all users. For free use, activate the paid options switch.

Public Boards: Free. Private Boards: 1 Week Free, $0.19/Month

You can use a private board for one week for free, and for long for $0.19 per month in the US. The fee for a private board varies by country. There are no per-user monthly fees. Please see the free tier and paid option such as shared file capacity.

We are working on public boards.

How to use

  1. Press the Banban Board button on Requestland.
  2. Create or open a board.
  3. Create cards:

    Smartphones: open a Web browser, copy the link of a product page, then go back to the board page and press the "add link" button add_link to add a card.

    Desktops: simply drag a product link from a Web browser and drop it on the board.

  4. To make a purchase, open a card and press the title. This will open the product page.

Give it a try

Use with remote friends

Create an organization in advance and invite them. Both parties start a video call within a messaging session. Minimize the video call and open the Banban Board. Up to three people can talk while adding and moving cards at the same time.

Use with sellers from request

Write a request. Press the Banban Board button in a messaging session with a seller. Each seller can only see the cards they put in, and you (the purchaser) can see all cards.

Advanced countries' fashion waste floods developing nations

15 million pieces of donated or recycled clothing are exported to Ghana every week. Half goes to waste piles! Africa, Asia, and South Amarica have the issue, too.

How to reduce the waste with coordination and rotation planning

When buying new clothes, we can avoid mistakes such like "bought but not used" by coordination with the cards. By creating cards with the photos of existing clothes, you can plan how to mix and match them.

Also, it would be great fun to talk about exchanging clothes with your friends on Banban board.

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