Anyone can participate

Anyone can participate

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Requestland Users Group, RLUG

Make friends and revitalize the local community through promotional activities, study sessions on use cases, and fun events such as barbecues. RLUG also provides guidance on usage, detection of unauthorized use, and support for troubleshooting so that the local economy can develop soundly.

You can create a branch in your region and do activities independently. If you would like to create a branch, or would like to participate, feel free to contact us.

Requestland workshop is a hands-on course offered by the branches for individuals and companies interested in Requestland. Ask us if you want to participate or host an event.


Change the world better with our cutting-edge technology! English proof readers, Spanish proof readers, clerks, designers, and spreaders for launching are especially needed. Students and pro bonos are welcome. Work days and time are negotiable.

Secondments from firms

We accept secondments from firms. It's the chance to gain experience working in a startup aiming to solve social problems in the world.

Please send money to one of the following bank accounts. If you would like to be listed on the sponsor list, please send us your logo and URL by e-mail to request-land(at)

United States(USD)

Name : Peace and Passion
Routing number : 084009519
Account number : 9600 0010 5744 5054
Type : Checking account


Name : ピースアンドパッション(カ
Number : PayPay bank(0033) Business Eigyoubu(005) 1045407
Type : Ordinary account

Other countries(USD)

Name : Peace and Passion
Account number : 8311213378


We welcome inquiries about alliances from universities, research institutes, companies, local governments, support groups, etc. regardless of size. Please send the following from the contact form . We will consider and reply to you. Let us know before you visit us. We don't visit each for explanation.

  • Request about Requestland
  • Plan to use Requestland in your organization
  • Resources that your organization can provide to us
  • Name and email address / phone number of the person in charge