Free use and Paid options for sellers

Free use and Paid options for sellers

The fundamental functions are free. There are paid options available for more convenience. The usage fee for paid options is charged monthly, only for the amount used, either for individual users or on an organizational basis.

There are no per-user monthly fees or contract fees.

Free Tier

  • Receiver that can contain up to ten keywords, 16 regions: One receiver
  • Public Banban Boards allow for long-term storage. Private Banban Boards have a storage duration of one weeks: Unlimited
  • Shared file storage for videos and images: 1GB
  • Free land domain name: One
For individual users or organizations with paid options enabled:
  • Theming with nice colors and titles
  • Expert mode

Example of usage fees

Example of paid Banban Board: Suppose you use 7 boards for 2 hours on Wednesday and then delete the board. Then on Friday, you use 5 boards for 1 hour. This will total to 19 hours (68,400 seconds), and you will be charged for one full day.

Questions and answers

  • help_outline Can I use Requestland for free?

    Yes, fundamental functions are free. Additional functions such as extra receivers are paid options.

  • help_outline What is the entry fee?

    An arbitrary entry fee is for the operation and server expenses of Requestland. As the cost is payed by the staff currently, we'd greatly appreciate and need your support. As a thank you, paying an entry fee increases your chances of being selected as a seller.

    No payment will be made if you are not selected as a seller or if you are selected but the purchaser never sees your information. A fee is charged when the purchaser presses a button to start a session with you, and when they view your profile or product listing.

  • help_outline May I transfer or sell my Land domain names? May I transfer my organization to others?