Shopping helper tools that makes the next era with you

Requestland is a web app, which powerfully supports your shopping, from cosmetics to corporate acquisitions. And this is a project to create the next era where everyone can have enough money to buy what they need.

When to explore to buy   Banban Board

Figure of Banban Board

A super cool wishlist and bookmarking tool that you can choose the best on your own or with friends.

Just drag (or copy) product links from variety of shops, and they will automatically turn into cards with photos, prices, and descriptions. Easily rearrange and compare the cards to select the best items for you. Also to compare the total prices of combinations and coordinate your clothes. (Excel, thanks so far!)

When to buy by ask   Requests

Figure of Requests

It's a general-purpose "buy by ask" tool to buy anything.

Buy by simply writing "I want something like..." on the map from specified number of appropriate shops and companies. No need to research yourself. Fewer purchasing mistakes with professional opinions.


I'm Happy, the AI dog! I'm here to support your purchases with AI. Write your first request! Whether you're an individual user, or part of an organization such as friends and a company, I'll support you. Let's spread the joy of shopping together!

When you bought or visited   favoriteDoumos

Figure of doumo

Show reviews, recommendations😄, photos, and videos on what you bought🍎 or visited✌️ on the map. You can thank and encourage shops.

You can share wish lists, task lists, video meetings, messages, and notes in your organization.

Users are main actors

Users calls users to make the area better for themselves and the next generation.
Nagahama Asuka, Requestland Users Group (RLUG)
Director of sales at Takahashi Painting Company

I'm a sales rep of a renovation company. We carry out extremely harsh sales activities, with about 150 walk-in cases per day and several contracts closed each month.

So I came across a service called Requestland. When searching for products, companies that spend much money on advertising stand out, and many really good companies are buried.

I think Requestland is a very good service that we can find really good products.

Our company was able to get a contract at Requestland, and it didn't cost anything. I love it because I can meet new customers and have meetings with chat and video.

Saito Kanami, Requestland Users Group (RLUG)
Owner of Chez Yamabiko, an international share house

I am creating a space for international exchange in Ryugasaki, Japan.

I didn't like this world where riches get richer, so I listened to the presentation and decided that if I could solve it even a little, I would definitely support it.

I think even if it seems that you are making a choice on your own, the choices are already being guided on the net.

I hope that Requestland will revitalize the local economy. I'll do my best too!

Project goals

Anyway, we need money to buy things. This project is in a beta testing phase of innovative technology that aims to fix the problems of inequality and encourage the local community. Join us and help create the next era where everyone can have enough money to buy what they need!

  1. Increase everyone's pay, resolve the serious disparity, and mitigate excessive competition to recover peace of mind.
  2. Build a decent economic system that everyone can work with passion and enough income for somebody's smile.
  3. Create a virtuous cycle of the local economy and pass a better world to our children and grandchildren.

Let's smash through problems caused by inequality, such as suicide tragedy, the division, terrorism, or war, and reunite people!

The goals and policies

Have fortunate encounters with good shops

A magic benefits both purchasers and sellers for the enocomic inequality problems (hypothesis)
Illustration of hidden gems

When we want to buy something, there are so many products and stores that it's overwhelming. We often end up buying from the top search results, recommendations, or rankings.

The graph in this illustration shows how Google search results are clicked (Advanced Web Ranking CTR).

There is a significant concentration of clicks on companies ranked 1st to 4th, while 6th place and below have a click-through rate of less than 3%. Companies that can afford advertising tend to rank higher, attracting more orders and building brand power. They sell at higher prices and become even wealthier. In the case of "Recommended" as well, the operating principle is for the AI to repeat what the majority is saying, so popular products will receive higher exposure.

On the other hand, most sellers (including your company??) struggle to get attention even if they have good products. They are forced to lower prices and become even poorer. It leads small and medium-sized enterprises, which make up the majority of companies, to lack the ability to increase employee wages.

While it is impossible to completely eliminate inequality in the society with freedom, we must address the lack of decent lives and the anxiety of the competitive society that we cannot sleep well at night.

Hence, it is crucial to enhance opportunities for fortunate encounters between purchasers and sellers, including businesses that may not hold top rankings.

With Banban Board, where you "buy by research", you can efficiently research products that suit you from more sellers and products than ever before. With Requests, where you "buy by asking," knowledgeable sellers, including those not ranked at the top, read your request and suggest suitable products. Generally, products that are not ranked at the top are priced lower to gain competitiveness, providing purchasers with an opportunity to find reasonable and hidden gems.

To increase opportunities for encounters with diverse sellers, if there are more sellers who wish to propose suggestions for a request than the specified number, the system will randomly select the sellers. By paying an optional entry fee, which serves as the operational cost for Requestland, the chances of being selected as a token of appreciation are increased a little. The entry fee can be zero or more.

There are no contract fees or monthly fees. As a result, sales and profits increase, providing the funds to increase employee wages.

On Requestland, we ask business owners who have increased their profits to distribute more to their employees.

This mechanism allows purchasers to purchase good products at lower prices while increasing sales for many sellers, ultimately leading to higher wages for employees.

By using the Land map, you can first inquire if there are any desired items available in stores in your regions. If you can buy locally, money circulates within the community, and the community thrives with increased added value. This also reduces the CO2 emissions from random shipping in traditional online shopping, making it a powerful measure against global warming.

Instead of using "buy by ask" on Requestland, you can also use the Banaban boards to search and compare products yourself. By rearranging the cards, you can carefully compare and find affordable and hidden gems, regardless of rankings.

By improving the productivity of small and medium-sized companies, which are mainly ranked lower, we create two loops. One is a small loop where increased wages for workers lead to increased consumption and money circulation within the community. The other is a larger loop where increased happy marriages and births revitalize the community, leading to money circulation throughout the entire region, including those ranked higher.

We all have the power to spin the double loop and gradually raise it. Both lower and higher-ranked businesses will prosper, CO2 emissions will decrease, and abnormal weather patterns will diminish.

There are limits to redistribution by the government or local authorities. Let's use our own power to reduce economic disparities and create the new era where everyone can live a decent life!

More about the new technology, H-Market model.

Hello from the developers!

We have been working on Requestland for nine years as unpaid voluntary staff. As we use it ourselves in our daily lives, it has become truly helpful. We can't work without it, especially Banban Board, now.

Please give it a try! And don't forget to show it off to your friends!

What we can expect

With the H-Market model hypothesis, as more people use Requestland, we expect...

Buy, ask, or get anything easily with requests on the map.

Receive proposals that fit your request from a specified number of stores and companies. Consult in chat or video and simply buy what you like.

You can buy cheaper than before in many cases, while many sellers will have more sales and wage, even at the same prices.

To explore on your own, Banban Board for comparing.

Everyone can eat enough and sleep well.

We can't eliminate inequality, but we must eliminate problems such as "I can't live a decent life" and "I can't sleap well at night due to the harsh competition".

Let's smash through problems caused by inequality, such as suicide tragedy, the division, terrorism, or war, and reunite people.