Staff (internship) wanted

Staff/internship wanted

Students, full-timer, part-timer, pro bonos, and side jobs
Urgent: a community specialist


Pioneering a "new world" with heart and technology

Our mission is:

Everyone's peace of mind and passion

But, in reality we suffer from economic inequality. Our money for life, education, etc. is not enough and many regions are declining.

Requestland is a new technology for a new world aiming that all get more pay by buying easier and cheaper, resolve inequality, and encourage local economy.

We, Peace and Passion is a social-startup for resolving the economic inequality problem in the world, not for profit, and aims to grow rapidly like the following video.

There is a staff of three who are developers. We are in a pre-sales state and have no pay and no budget yet. As the development has proceeded, we have started beta testing for wide range of users. (Because of hiring in the future, a selection will be done.)

So, we will accept new staff. Students, full-timer, part-timer, pro bonos, and side jobs are welcome.

The staff is expected to become employees or directors in the near future. It's a rare chance to join a world scale, Japan based social startup at the early stage.


Participation as volunteers and the members of Requestland Users Groups are also welcome. Each branch of the users group needs many roles such as leaders and BBQ masters.

Start your own business? What's a startup?

In the industry life cycle, it is said that the life of an industry lasts about 30 years.

During an industry A prospers, in a corner of the world where no one knows, a successful startup quietly builds intellectual properties, that is, patents, software copyrights, etc. We are there.

People gathers there, manage to find a tipping point, then grow rapidly. This is innovation.

If they make a promising industry B, large companies will follow, then small/mid companies will enter the market. The startup will become a large company that everyone will know. The industry A will decline and its companies will be eliminated.

Starting your own business means you create either a startup or a small/mid-sized company.

Not starting your business means you have to join one of the three kinds of companies.

Strength of Peace and Passion

People and technology

We are based on Tokyo University, Tsukuba University, Keio University, and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. We have valuable patents and trademarks.

Sociality and business model

We have clear social goals and a unique business model.

Users' expectation

In our interview-based survey, 64% of purchasers and 50% of sellers said they would like to use this kind of service.

Strong cost structure for "Power of Free"

We run with our own funds, no debt, and self-pay in a suburban city away from expensive Tokyo. So, even merchants can use Requestland for free. Entry fees that sellers can decide for the right to sell will become thin and broad source of revenue in some industries. We provide productivity options in addition.

Growing world

Requestland supports 37 languages ​​and 170 currencies, and can be used in 190 countries and regions. Since the fees match the price level of each country, we can expect high growth in Africa and Asia.

About our culture and Tsukuba

This is an activity driven by self-motivation that athletes who win gold medals at the Olympics and artists are having. We are learning animals. When we have a little free time, we want to develop, work, and learn.

Like an orchestra or a soccer team, we're enjoying working together to create the best art. We practice alone to catch up with other members, and go for higher.

It's an activity for others, not a job for the salary and for company's profit.

There is no evaluation now.

The salary level we aim to is better than Japan's national universities and research institutes (see below). There is no capital gain.

We are a big family, and help each other both in work and life. We have monthly birthday parties. We celebrate birthdays and have cakes.

When we get tired from work, we drive to an onsen to be relaxed in a hot spring. In summer, I go mountain climbing in the Northern Japan Alps and play body-board at beach.

Tsukuba city accumulates 150 research institutes and universities. Thanks to its high educational environment, attractive shopping environment, and lots of parks, Tsukuba is ranked at the 8th place in "Towns to live ranking".

Our office is located next to Tsukuba University and a park. We have lunch in the university, it costs about 400 to 500 yen per meal, then we enjoy walking.

Working here itself is wonderful.



Until we have enough number of staff, we divide up jobs to get done regardless the following job descriptions. Like an iceberg, many patient works behind an interesting work support the whole.

We welcome proposals if you can do anything other than the following jobs.

Community specialist

Community specialist makes an environment that user calls user and raises crucial communities of users from the ground up.

The job includes required things such as publicity, promotion, and event organization. Its method is similar to community marketing, although our purpose is different.

Energy, online/offline communication skills, and native English proficiency are required. Suitable for those who want to appear in YouTube videos. Sales experience is desirable, but not required.

You can master marketing, community science, and growth hacking. Also you can learn how to design, create videos, and create beautiful web pages with HTML.


You will work on videos, posters, business cards, the Requestland app, this web site, and so on.

Since we're closing the gap, our design must be warm and attractive to variety of people.

You will become capable to create movies using DaVinci Resolve which is used in Hollywood and make dynamic web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can also learn marketing and growth hacking.


The clerk work includes things except software development, such as planning, contract negotiation, public relations, human resources, finance, legal affairs, intellectual property, and so on.

Since the organization is small yet, job volume is not large. It is better to do both this and the above community specialist.

You can learn accounting, finance, intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks. Through learning and practice, you can acquire advanced business skills that will enable you to play a role in the world.

We need people who don't mind their work. The job requires business-level English writing and speaking skills, and capability of paperwork in Japanese.

Software development staff

For those who have master's degree or doctor's degree in computer science with software development skills.

Or for students who are currently majoring computer science in an undergraduate school and having a plan to learn at a graduate school, or who are majoring computer science in a graduate school, both with a certain experience of programming.

You can do both software development and business. We use JavaScript (Typescripts) and Python, and are based on H-Framework, a framework that generates a fair amount of code from specifications. The framework is "program make programs" that enables few developers to make the great system. We use Emacs on Macs for development and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) around the world for production.

We enjoy development both the client side and the server side for a certain function. Sometimes, we make new functions from the ground up including promotion, business modeling, documentation, evaluation, and illustration.

You can learn Kernighan's legitimate programming skills, standard coding styles, architectural design with UML, cryptography and concurrently processing with Tanenbaum's text book, etc.

English skills for reading and writing documents are needed.

Research staff of Peace and Passion Research Institute (PAPRI)

For scientists who have a Ph.D., and students aspire Ph.D. They will serve as an administrative staff and software development staff, and devote part of time to research.

We will conduct R&D in the border area between computer science and economics, centering on the H-Market model. Major research theme includes economic effects of Requestland, economic and information model that includes both the H-Market model and external markets.

Common things

Talented full-timer, part-timer, students, pro bonos, side jobs are welcome.

Days and hours are negotiable. Our office time is from 8:30 to 18:30. There is a 10-minute VDT (video display terminal) work break every hour. We use it for meeting, nap, and exercise.

We work together at the office. If we accept new students or pro bonos, we may shift our work days to on Saturdays and Sundays.

You may work on remote, if needed, but rarely. That is common to branches such as Paris branch and Cairo branch.

Students may attend classes remotely from the office during work time, but may not do home work.

For the time being, it's a voluntary participation or director that is not an employment, and there is no salary and benefits such as workers' insurance. Transportation expenses will be provided to students (there is a upper limit).

When we get revenue, you will be paid gradually and the welfare program will be arranged. Our salary will be in the range of Japan's national civil servants. But we expect we can get better salary than firms such as AIST and University of Tsukuba.

Since this is a Japan-based firm, we want to realize stable lifetime employment, variety of job experiences, and raising salary system toward the life period of children's education and housing loan. Let's make a good firm that, someday when you will retire, you will have deep satisfaction with it.

We will promote staff based on their motivation and ability regardless of age. Positions may move up or down to allow more staff to gain experience.

In addition, for those who contribute and want to start a business, we will provide opportunities to make subsidiaries. Our overseas branches will also need management.

Dear students


He joined when he was a freshman. Now he is a student of a graduate school of Tsukuba University. (The photo was taken when he joined.)

Starting member, COO

I have been participating in PEACE since September when I was in my first year of undergraduate school, and I am having fun every day. There was also a time when I took a year off from school to concentrate on my work and strengthened my skills.

I spend most of my time here for work when I don't have a class.

When I started, I was a beginner of programming and I've never seen an invoice. Thanks to gaining a lot of skills, I was able to complete my college reports smoothly and my grades were good, so I was able to enter the graduate school on recommendation. It is a very good motivation to read a lot of books, study, improve my skills, and use them in my work to produce results.

Instead of hustle for job hunting, in my opinion, it is very meaningful for me to have a student life where I'm creating our own services and monetize them to contribute to the society.

I look forward to working with you!

Q and A is available via Google translation.