Create regional jobs with Request-shift

region job-creation
Apr 28, 2023   HIRANO Satoshi

You can shifts demands in city to periphery and reduce CO2.

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Requestland has two kinds of request-shift. Space shift and timeshift.

Request-shift for regional revitalization and reduction of CO2 emissions

Space Shift

Cities are full of people and have much demand. Jobs are available to meet the demand, but there are frustrations with life: expensive, cramped, and in a bad environment. Many of largest cities are becoming to have slums, increasing poverty and crime rates.

The countryside is comfortable, but there are few jobs, and the big problem is that young people are leaving for the city.

Request shift means that when placing requests on the map, each person staggers them slightly towards the perimeter of the city.

For example, as shown in the figure,  people who live on the east side of the city should place requests a little further east. That's all.

Those who live further east will place their requests further east. Southerners place requests further south, and northerners place requests further north, like a bucket brigade.

Job opportunities shift to the periphery as the bulk of demand in the city seeps to the periphery. If sales in the area increase, employment will increase and the population will increase. As the population increases, the demand will increase, and the surrounding area will be able to live around its own demand.

Workers who get a job at the region will be able to work in a comfortable environment. Spacious home, cheaper foods, shorter commute time, green town...

Urban overpopulation will be alleviated and poverty and crime rates will fall.

Furthermore, purchases that require delivery and job requests that require business trips also reduce CO2 emissions. This is to ask the seller in the adjacent area. A nearby seller come early. Sellers save time and labor costs for transportation, and less CO2 is emitted for transportation.


Another request shift is timeshift.

Normally, shops don’t want to miss any chance, so they prepare their staff and equipment for busy times. When customers don’t come, valuable resources aren’t being utilized. Waiting staff feel like they are wasting their lives.

Therefore, if the buyer writes a request when the store has time, such as on a rainy day, the store can serve you with more time. The key is to avoid peak hours. Stores can lower costs. There are benefits for both buyers and sellers.

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