Shopping online just got more colorful with new colors on Requestland!

Feb 19, 2024   HIRANO Satoshi

Requestland introduced a variety of new colors and vibrant themes.

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We have added over ten seasonal color themes, including some inspired by traditional Japanese colors, creating a sense of calm and joy.

Now you can choose from more than 20 theme colors, as well as custom color selectors and background images to personalize your experience. By setting the URL to an image online, it will become the background image. Please set your favorite background image from "One Piece" or "Slam Dunk" as well.

There is also a wallpaper of popular Happy available.

We have updated Requestland's default color scheme to better complement the purchase of elegant items, such as cosmetics.

In addition to allowing each user to customize their favorite colors, organization administrators can establish a theme for the organization. They can modify the color scheme for all users within the organization and also set the title of the app to display any string, such as the company name and slogan.