How to use "Request"

Apr 19, 2023   HIRANO Chihiro

Only easy 3 steps to buy or ask anything!

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1. Write

Press the big + button on the Land map page.

Say or type your want or need, its purpose.

Choose the number of sellers (shops, responders) you want to talk with.

2. Place

Place it on the land map.

Press the send button.

Then some shops and companies make entries to your request.

Wait for notifications.

(For your privacy, it's up to you how much detail you write and where you place it on the map.)

3. Choose
Ask in sessions(messages or a video) to sellers if you need.

Choose the best one.

Cute and smart AI-dog Happy also assist you in a message session.

Using Requestland make you happier and richer!

Because you do not need to waste any longer time to compare with many things and choose one which is the most suitable for you.