You can now write a summary on the Banban board.

Sep 20, 2023   AIKAWA Kazuki

Under the title of the Banban board, you can now write a summary. Here, you can easily list key points and descriptions.

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Under the title of Banban board, you can now write a summary.

For example, when choosing a washing machine, you can write conditions like maximum dimensions.

You can also write descriptions for showing the board to others.

(The public release function of the board is under development. Currently, it is for private boards only.)

Please enjoy the more convenient Banban board.

Banban board is a shared board where You can find "hidden gems" that are both good and affordable regardless of the rankings.

​​​A shared board, as a super bookmark, where you can automatically add products from various online shops as cards, rearrange them, compare, and select the best. Discover hidden gems on your own or with friends!