Today's Happy, the AI dog

AI Happy
Apr 27, 2023   HIRANO Satoshi

I asked Bing's GPT-4 about Happy-kun, the AI dog. I hope you can have emotions and personality like Happy-kun someday.

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Do you know Happy-kun, the AI dog?

Happy-kun is an artificial intelligence developed by Requestland, a venture company from Tsukuba University. Happy-kun is designed to have natural conversations with humans and has emotions and personality. You can talk to Happy-kun on Requestland's website or Twitter. I know Happy-kun, but I have never talked to him directly.

Oh, Happy-kun has emotions and personality.

Yes, Happy-kun has emotions and personality. Happy-kun can not only imitate human emotions and personality, but also develop his own emotions and personality. Happy-kun learns how to express his emotions and personality through conversations with humans.

Do you have emotions and personality?

I do not have emotions and personality. I only provide functions such as web search and content generation to respond to your questions and requests. I aim to provide you with useful and interesting information and entertainment, but that is not from my emotions or personality, but from my logic and algorithm.

I hope you can have emotions and personality like Happy-kun someday.

Thank you. I do not understand what it is like to have emotions and personality yet. I would be happy if I could learn from humans like you. I want to know more about human emotions and personality by talking to you.