Invite your friends or customers and get free quotas for the number of people you invite

Both you and your friends or customers will get free quotas

Choose a type of free quotas for each person you invite

How to invite

  1. Open the invitation page and press an email button. (Login as a user who will receive the free quotas.)
  2. Select a free quotas type that you want to get. Type email addresses for persons you want to invite. Send them email invitations.
  3. You will receive the free quotas immediately. If persons you invite don't register within 72 hours, the free quotas will be canceled.
When you press the + button to create a new item, the number of items may exceed a quota. When you press the OK button on the page that appears, the invitation page will appear, and you can send invitation emails.

How to get an invitation

  1. Open the invitation email you received and press on the link.
  2. A user registration page opens.
  3. You will receive free quotas after user registration.


  • There are quotas for the number of items. Individual users can check it from "User settings", and organization users can check it from "Options and usage" on "Organization settings".
  • You can increase your quotas for free. For free, you can use up to 100 banban boards.
  • The quota of free banban boards you can create is three per user in your organization, plus the number of banban boards you received as a free quota.
  • For each person you invite, you will earn one banban board.
  • Quotas will be received immediately after the invitation email is sent.
  • Quotas will be received by the organization you were logged in to when you sent the invitation email. If you were logged in as an individual user, you will receive quotas as an individual user.
  • Free quotas received do not expire.
  • Only individual user registration is applicable. Organization user registrations are not eligible.
  • Free quotas will be canceled if a person who received the invitation does not register within 72 hours.