Identity verification and organization identity verification of sellers and governmental organizations

For safe trading, every seller, organization that provides things for a fee, and governmental organization needs to provide organization information so that we confirm that the organization exists and products are not banned. Also, a member is requested to clear identity verification.


You can add users and use receivers, projects, notes, etc. before identity verification / organization identity verification. Complete identity verification and organizational information verification before making an entry to a request to sell.

Identity verification / organization identity verification

In order to make an entry to a non-free request and sell, it is necessary to create an organization to sell, verify the identity of one member, and confirm the organizational information. Start the procedure from "Setup" in the organization settings.

It takes three business days maximum to complete the confirmation after applying. So, we recommend that you complete the procedure as soon as you create the organization.

User identity verification

A user who created your organization should verify the identity. Make sure that your user's information matches your official ID. The user doesn't have to be a representative.

Upload one of the following official verification documents. (Student ID and employee ID cannot be used)
We check your name, address, date of birth, gender, and face photo.

  • Driver's license
  • ID card (If you do not have a driver's license)

Upload front side and back side.


Organization information verification

Those with * (asterisk) will be posted to the public profile and will be open to all users.

Check items

  • Official name *
  • Address *
  • Homepage or social media *
  • Products / Services *
    You can't sell banned products.
  • A utility bill payment record with your organization address
  • All required items on the policy tab on your public profile are filled in

  • If your registration information changes, please contact us using the inquiry form. (Example: change of name, address or change of corporate name)
  • Take a picture of the confirmation document with a camera or scan it with a scanner.
  • Image format must be jpg, jpeg, png, or HEIC.
  • Uploaded files are legally stored on the server.